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Several Reasons Workers are Staying Away from The Restaurant Industry and What You Can Do About It

Several Reasons Workers are Staying Away from The Restaurant Industry and What You Can Do About It

Several Reasons Workers are Staying Away from The Restaurant Industry and What You Can Do About It

What you can do to improve your restaurant business

It has been a tough 18 months and many people are prioritizing mental health. Many workers also say they don’t feel safe coming to work in restaurants because of the fear of exposure to COVID. But what should we do to improve the restaurant business? Let's list 2 important reasons.

Concerns about mental and physical health

The report found that 65% of hourly workers want businesses to require customers to wear masks, and 83% of those workers said they plan to wear a mask while working to keep themselves safe, regardless of local requirements.

Still, mask requirements are likely one issue that has resulted in the emotional abuse and disrespect from customers that workers are reporting.

In terms of the emotional abuse from managers, it’s not clear how that compares with pre-pandemic days, said Fernandez. Even before COVID, hourly workers may have perceived abuse from their managers.

And those managers are also under a lot of pressure as a result of the staffing shortage, he noted. “We heard stories about managers having to go in the kitchen and cook because people didn’t show up.”

Actions restaurant operators can take:

If you are asking workers to enforce mask or vaccine mandates, provide support and ensure they are comfortable taking this on.
Create an open dialogue between staff and managers to get ahead of any potential issues that could hurt retention.


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Opportunities in other industries

When restaurants were shuttered during the pandemic, many workers switched to other sectors, such as warehousing and logistics. They’re not leaving the workforce. They’re leaving the restaurant industry.

Nearly one-third (28%) said they left for higher pay, and 23% said they needed a more consistent schedule/income, according to the survey. But 17% cited the lack of professional development and promotion opportunities, and others blamed the work hours (16%) or work culture (15%).
Actions restaurant operators can take:
Focus on retention. Build culture workers want to be part of and meet their needs.
Talk to staff before it’s too late. If other employers are offering benefits that would tempt them away, maybe you can offer those too.

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