Calling Solution for kitchen to Waiter

Calling Solution for kitchen to Waiter

Calling Solution for kitchen to Waiter

The "kitchen to waiter" paging system has been used in many restaurants around the world. You can recall waiters easily and discreetly, and quickly increase your staff’s efficiency at work without disrupting the atmosphere of the restaurant or cafe.

The paging system from the kitchen to the waiter is very suitable for pubs, bars, and even high-end restaurants. There are no restrictions on Retekess waiter paging system. We have to redouble our efforts to ensure that the paging system invested in is suitable for your restaurant, pub, or bar!

In the kitchen, you can use the keypad of the TD101 calling system, it can work with the watch receiver. So if you have many waiters it will work as well. It has a hundred numbers.

For the guest, they can use the call button to call the waiters, if you want to receive the calling information on a computer, you can use the USB receiver to receive the calling system.

If you want to use the display, you can also use the TD124 as the display receiver. It is quite easy to use. You can connect the TD124 directly to the computer, if you use the TD124, then you don't need to use the USB receiver.

With this system, the staff working efficiency will be improved widely. The waiter can respond more quickly, so the customers will be more satisfied as well.

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