Enhancing Factory Tours with the Retekess TT116 Plant Tour Headsets

Enhancing Factory Tours with the Retekess TT116 Plant Tour Headsets

Enhancing Factory Tours with the Retekess TT116 Plant Tour Headsets

Plant tours offer visitors a unique opportunity to get a close-up look at manufacturing processes, witness innovations being implemented and gain insight into plant operations. However, plant environments are often noisy, with machinery bustling and echoing, making it difficult for visitors to hear their guides. Retekess TT116 plant tour headsets ensure clear, uninterrupted communication, allowing guides to effortlessly convey key information, safety guidelines and interesting anecdotes to each participant, ensuring no visitor misses out on key details. In this blog, you can learn about the exceptional features of the TT116 communication headsets and how they can transform the tour experience.

Features of Retekess TT116 tour guide microphone and headset

UHF transmission: The TT116 tour guide system uses UHF transmission technology, which is able to penetrate walls and overcome interference challenges. Visitors can move freely around the plant within the transmitter's operating range and receive clear audio without interruption.

Replaceable rechargeable battery: The TT116 plant tour communication systems come with an easily replaceable rechargeable battery, ensuring uninterrupted use during long tours. Thanks to the convenience of being rechargeable, there is no need to worry about running out of power or being hampered by airport security restrictions while traveling. Visitors can focus on absorbing the factory tour experience without experiencing inconveniences.

Branding Opportunities: The TT116 tour guide system has a dedicated space for advertising stickers, providing a unique opportunity to increase branding during the factory tour. Factories can display their logo, slogan or information on it to impress visitors and create marketing opportunities during the tour.

Working Range: The TT116 tour guide headsets have an operating range of 200 meters, ensuring that participants can explore extensive factory facilities without losing connection to the guide's voice. From one end of the factory to the other, the headset maintains clear audio reception, ensuring that visitors will not miss any insightful commentary as long as it is within its working range.

Auto-Lock Function: To prevent accidental touches and user misoperation, the TT116 automatically locks if there is no operation within 30 seconds. This feature ensures that participants can focus on the tour content without worrying about accidentally pressing buttons or accidentally adjusting settings, providing a smooth tour experience.

Multiple Channel IDs: With 50 channel IDs, the TT116 plant tour communication systems can easily accommodate multiple groups within the same plant at the same time. Each of the 50 groups can operate on a separate channel without interfering with other groups, allowing for efficient coordination and communication tailored to the needs of each group.

Our TT116 tour guide microphone and headset is an essential tool to enhance the plant tour experience. The tour guide provides clear guidance through the transmitter microphone, shares engaging stories, and keeps visitors engaged throughout the tour, ensuring a memorable experience for all participants. If you want to expand your plant tour experience, consider equipping your guides and visitors with a Retekess tour guide system. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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