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Guide to Choosing Retekess Audio Tour Guide Equipment

Guide to Choosing Retekess Audio Tour Guide Equipment

Guide to Choosing Retekess Audio Tour Guide Equipment

In situations where communication is not possible due to distance and noise, audio tour guide equipment allows a team to communicate wirelessly without outside influence. Tour guide systems are more widely used in tourism visits, but meetings, training, outdoor teaching, translation, and other scenarios can also be used to achieve communication. Retekess has developed more than a dozen audio tour guide devices for different customer needs, which vary in function, appearance, working distance, and battery capacity, and you may not be able to quickly identify the one you want from them.

Therefore, I have put together a table of the various features of the hot-selling tour guide headset system, and hope it can help you when you choose the model.

Note: All models of Retekess audio tour guide equipment have automatic channel synchronization and a volume adjustment range of 10 or more levels, so these two features are not reflected in the table.

Model T130-T131 TT122 TT106 TT124
Picture t130 tour guide system tt122 tour guide system tt106 tour guide system tt126-two-way-tour-guide-system-for-group-communication-retekess

Number of channels

99 36 9999 25/12

Working distance

196 ft / 50 m 492ft / 150m 492ft / 150m 918ft

Standby time

Transmitter 12 hrs
Receiver 18 hrs
Transmitter 12 hrs
Receiver 18 hrs
Transmitter 25 hrs
Receiver 23 hrs
Transmitter 10 hrs
Receiver 10-70 hrs

Two way or

One way

One way One way One way Two way


mute function

× ×

Whether support

two transmitters

× × ×

Whether with a

dedicated AUX jack  

× × ×

One key to turning off all receivers


In order to let you more clearly understand the functions, the following is an explanation of them.

Transmitter mute function: When the guide or interpreter is speaking into the transmitter, there may be a sneeze, talk to the next person, or an emergency call, then you do not want the listener to hear these irrelevant words, then you can press the mute button on the transmitter, and then the receiver will not hear any of your voice. Resuming voice transmission is also easy, just hit the mute button again.

Whether support two transmitters: Supporting two transmitters means that two transmitters can work together in the same team and visitors can receive the voice of two guides. If your event requires two presenters to collaborate, then this feature will make it easier for you.

One key to turning off all receivers: This means that even if you have dozens or even hundreds of receivers, you can turn off all receivers within 5 seconds, instead of having to check one by one if the device is turned off after the event.

Whether with a dedicated AUX jack: All our audio tour guide equipment supports connection to audio devices such as computers, cell phones, radios, or MP3s, but some models are connected through the microphone jack, and some through a dedicated AUX jack Connection, but using the latter to connect external devices is more advantageous, one is that the transmitted sound is clearer, and the other is that this allows the presenter's microphone and audio device to emit sound at the same time.

Our wireless tour guide systems also include other models, so if you don't find one that satisfies you in this table, feel free to email us at support@retekess.com and we have a professional customer service team to advise you.

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