How Fast Can I Get the FM Transmitter if I Order Today?

How Fast Can I Get the FM Transmitter if I Order Today?

How Fast Can I Get the FM Transmitter if I Order Today?

When can I get the FM transmitter after I order it?

FM transmitter is widely used again in the COVID-19 time for drive-in church, and it is booming on Mar 2020, so many brands' are out of stock. We care about the customers' needs well in this condition, so we improve the production day and night. But there are still many customers confused when will he get the parcel, after they buy it? 

Let's check the answer below:

As we all know, many shipping ways are stopped due to the COVID-19, so recently we choose DHL, it is the fastest and safest shipping way now. 

Pls, make sure which type do you need? Recently we have TR502, TR505, TR506, TR508, and FT11 in stock. After you pay it, we will send the parcel within 1 business day. Then the parcel will be shipped to our local DHL post office. When they get the parcels, they will be shipped to Hong Kong airport to wait for the flight. Usually, it takes about 4 business days to board a plane, then it takes about 3 business days to arrive.  

But there are also unlucky guys, who got the parcel 15 days later. Because when his parcel is in the Hong Kong airport, there is no flight to the US, So all the parcels need to wait for the flight. But it is not very often to happen. If you come to this case, pls don't worry, we are keeping our eyes for your orders. Any questions, you can feel free to contact us at 

Generally speaking, it takes 8 business days to arrive, so if you need it urgently, pls email us to get more details. I just hope that the hard time in the whole world will pass as soon as possible.  The 3 days arrived days gone, but it will come soon, people need to stay at home and protect themselves and their families well in a hard time.  Let's face the disaster together and fight. The victory is coming. 

FM transmitter drive-in church delivery time


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David Harris

What models are readily available now, I'm looking for a stable fm signal for a church drive in service to cover a 3km area

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Hello David, the TR502 and TR505 is available for now. According to your requirements on the range, the TR505 will be the better choice. It is in stock for now, we can ship it for you in 1 working day, then it takes about 4-9 working days for delivery by DHL. TR505:

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