What is the Difference Between TR502 and TR507?

What is the Difference Between TR502 and TR507?

What is the Difference Between TR502 and TR507?

How choose the right FM transmitter for Drive-in church or Drive-in movie?

FM transmitter is very popular since March, people use it for drive-in church service or a drive-in movie. Retekess focuses on wireless short communication for about 11 years. We supply the best solutions for the people who want to reduce contact with people in the COVID-19 time. We sell many types of FM transmitters with different features, TR501, TR502, TR505, TR507, TR508, and FT11. But many people are confused about what is the difference between TR502 and TR507.

Let's check the details below

Working range

TR502 range can be 2-3km, and the TR507 will be 3.5Km in the open area.

RDS technology

TR507 adopts the RDS technology, so the signal is more stable, even in the bad weather, TR502 adopts FM technology, it may be affected by many reasons.

PC control

TR502 supports PC control, if you need it, you can download the software by yourself on our official website. TR507 doesn't support.

Antenna base

There are original antenna base for the TR502, the cable length is about 5m, but for the TR507, it is short antennas, if you need the antenna base, you need to pay other fees.

Channel Mode

TR502 support Stereo/Mono, and the TR507 supports Mono, but TR507 supports Bass and Treble.

TR502 is our classic type, we had sold it for more than 6 years, and all the customers like it, due to the cost-effective and high quality, there are many fans. But TR507 is our new arrival, it is also popular due to its' professional and nice outlook, You can choose the right type for you. If you are not sure which FM transmitter is best for drive-in church and drive-in movie, pls feel to email me at support@retekess.com.  

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