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How to Disinfect Tour Guide Equipment

How to Disinfect Tour Guide Equipment

How to Disinfect Tour Guide Equipment

In the context of COVID-19, we should pay more attention to the hygiene and safety of personal items. retekess has always attached great importance to the cleaning and disinfection of tour guide equipment, and we can guarantee that all products received by our customers are very clean. So how to clean the tour guide equipment that has been used one or more times?

Retekess tour guide equipment disinfection process

  1. Whether it is a headset with a speaker mesh (such as TT109) or a headset with a sponge (such as TT104, T131, TT109), or a lavalier microphone (such as TT122 ), the surface dirt can be easily removed with a soft brush. Be careful not to use sharp objects for cleaning as they can easily damage the device.
  2. Use an alcohol wipe or a cotton cloth moistened with alcohol to wipe the area you think is dirty. For narrower sockets, use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to wipe.

Other recommended hygiene measures

  1. Inform receiver users in advance that they can use the same type of headphones that they bring.
  2. In the case of regular or frequent use of tour guide equipment, assign each person a fixed receiver or transmitter to prevent cross-contamination.
  3. Choose TT014 charging case, it can charge 32 TT110 guide transmitters and receivers at the same time. This charging case has a built-in negative ion generator with sterilization and deodorization functions to ensure the health and safety of each user during the COVID-19.

If you are afraid that improper cleaning will damage the tour guide equipment, or feel that the cleaning process is troublesome, the TT014 charging case can completely solve your problems. Plus, equipping your tour guide audio system with a charging case makes charging and portability even easier.

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