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Can I Use T112 Restaurant Buzzer System with Other System

Can I Use T112 Restaurant Buzzer System with Other System

Can I Use T112 Restaurant Buzzer System with Other System

Retekess focus on wireless buzzer systems and calling systems for many years, we care about the feedback from every customer. We have several types of classic restaurant buzzer systems, such as T112, T119, T116 and so on. They are widely used in many countries. 

Some of the items bought the T112 for 2 or 3 years ago and then want to change the slim pagers to the coaster. But they still want to use the T112 wireless guest paging system, so they would like to ask, which coaster pager can work with the T112.

In fact, we care about your feedback when you use it, so we make several types that can work with other models.

Retekess T111, T112, and TD174 wireless restaurant buzzer systems can work with each other. If you have the Retekess T112 system and want to use the other 10 pagers, you can choose the TD174. When you get it, you can pair the new pagers with the previous keypad. It is very convenient to use and help you save the cost. 

For the coaster buzzer system, the TD158 and TD163 can work together. The TD163 with one keypad and 20 pagers, if you need 30 pagers, what should be? The TD158 is the best option. The pagers for the 2 models are compatible, so you just need to buy 10 more pagers of TD158 and 1 charging base. 

If you aready use guest paging system, and want to buy more to add the pagers, pls inform us, we will choose the right model for you.

The restaurant buzzer system is more and more popular in the whole world, and is widley used in many applications, such as restaurants, cafe, church, supermarket, and so on. If you want to improve the work efficiency, contact us at support@retekess.com . We will help your business well.

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