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How to use two keyboard transmitters work with one pager?

How to use two keyboard transmitters work with one pager?

How to use two keyboard transmitters work with one pager?

The Guest Paging System is widely used in fast-food restaurants, food court, clinic, church, 4S store or other queue occasions since the calling system greatly improves the working efficiency and avoids the client waiting in a long queue.

In some restaurants that have a bar (there will be one paging system), but the client gonna take orders from the kitchen (a different place from the bar). How to solve this problem?

Retekess T115 Guest Paging System allows you to use two keyboard transmitters to call the same pager.

Generally, the ID number of each base is different. If you need 2 keyboard bases to control the same pager at the same time. It is necessary to change the keyboard transmitter’s ID. Only the IDs of the two bases are changed to the same, can they work with the same buzzers.

The specific settings are as follows:

1. Power off the charging base then powers on the unit.

2. Within 5 seconds after power-on, long-press the DELE and CALL buttons to enter the setting state.

3. After entering the setting mode, the dot matrix displays the existing ID of the base and then sets the required ID number by pressing the number from 0 to 9.

4. Press the CALL button to save, exiting the setup mode, and changing the ID number.

After changing the IDs, re-pairing all the pagers with both of the transmitters as the following steps:

1. Press the receiver's Function and Cancel button at the same time, now the 2 red indicators on the right side will be lighted on.

2. Input a number and press Call button on the keypad, the receiver will vibrate and beep, that means the pager is paired successfully.

I hope the information helpful to you when you need this function. Of course, should you have any other questions on Retekess Guest Paging System, welcome to leave us a comment or email us at support@retekess.com.

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