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Mini Sport Tour Guide System Retekess TT111 TT112

Mini Sport Tour Guide System Retekess TT111 TT112

Mini Sport Tour Guide System Retekess TT111 TT112

How often do communication problems arise when practicing SPORTS because of distance? Retekess listed a one-way mini sports tour guide system before, which model is Retekess TT111 and TT112.

First, here is a video about the  tour guide system, showing more details about the product

Why do you need to choose the TT111 receiver for sport?

Long-working range

Retekess TT111 adopts UHF, and for EU, you can choose the European version,m which is 863-865 MHz, and for America, which is 902-928 MHz. Besides, due to that, it is the UHF, the working range of Retekess T111 is longer than other models. It can reach 150-200M. So it will be helpful for sports, such as skiing, surfing, skydiving, and horseback riding. During the sport, people have to with a range, so the mini sport tour guide system will be the best choice.


For Retekess T111, it is about 20.8g, so when you wear it, it will be comfortable. And the size is about 2.1*0.91*0.51 inch, it is very small, so you can also wear the helmet easily. Besides, the round ear hook, may it is more comfortable than the flat one. And we will send 2 types of ear hooks, one is right and the other is left, you can choose the side, based on your needs.

Long standby time

For TT111, you just need to charge it for 2 hours and the last time will be 8 hours, so it will be enough for the sport in one day. The volume of the batter is 520mA. The mini USB charging ports also make it easy to charge.

Crystal voice

I tested several types of transmitters and receivers, the sound of TT111 and TT112,&TT113 broadcast a crystal voice. So no matter where are you on the team, you can hear the sound clearly.

If you need any mini sport tour guide system, pls check the TT111 and we are sure that you will be satisfied with the quality of it. Email us at support@retekess.com to get the best offer.

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