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New Arrival of Silent Disco headphones

New Arrival of Silent Disco headphones

New Arrival of Silent Disco headphones

Retekess TA003 and TA004 Silent Disco headphones are coming. Due to the request of our customers, we are having this transmitter and receiver on the market now.

TA003 Transmitter function

For this product, TA003 as the transmitter, it is UHF and FM. It has 3 channels. We also support customize frequency if you need it.  We have the US frequency with 923.8Mhz,924.5Mhz, and 925.6Mhz. The Europe frequency with 863.3Mhz, 863.9Mhz, and 864.9Mhz. So you can feel free to choose them according to your country.

It has a built-in battery, so you can use it with the built-in battery or use the plug power directly. With the built-in battery, it can transmit 50 meters, because you can only use low power when in this mode. if with the plugin power directly, it can transmitter more than 100 meters. You can use the high power mode. And it supports RCA audio.

TA004 Receiver Function

You can use the 3 channels, when you turn it on, it will connect with the transmitter directly. You can change the 3 channels freely. 3 channels with 3 different lights. So you can check the channel according to your headphone color. It will turn off automatically if no signal after 10 minutes. It has a built-in battery with 600mha, so you can use it for 8 hours. The silent disco headphones have a jack, which you can connect to the outside speaker when it turns on. And when it turned off, you can connect with the audio cable as the wired earpiece.

This silent disco headphone not only can be used in the silent disco, but also can be used in buildings, factories, movies, weddings, and KTV areas.

If you want to know more about this product, feel free to email us at support@retekess.com. Thank you.



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Hi, Can you supply a silent disco transmitter with frequencies 863.3 & 863.9 MHz please? I have headphone that work with these frequencies. Thanks Eddie

Comment author


Yes we do, I will email you the details of it.

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