Restaurant Buzzer Can Help You Solve the Challenges of Running a Restaurant

Restaurant Buzzer Can Help You Solve the Challenges of Running a Restaurant

Restaurant Buzzer Can Help You Solve the Challenges of Running a Restaurant

Many restaurants currently face the following challenges

1.Low efficiency: When you have a very large restaurant, the kitchen is ready for orders and the waiters are worried about not finding customers.

2.High labour costs: Labour costs are still a challenge for the restaurant industry due to the increase in the minimum wage. Based on this situation, you need to consider: how many people you employ to handle takeaways, cook, serve, manage waiting lists, etc.? And, how much do you pay restaurant staff to do a good job? In addition, many restaurants are experiencing difficulties in finding and retaining staff.

3.Changes in eating styles: Since online ordering and takeaways have become popular, more and more customers are not eating in restaurants, so restaurants have had to adapt their operations to suit this change. Many restaurants have designated areas such as car parks, takeaway entrances or pick-up windows where customers can pick up their food without entering the dining area. But how can you quickly inform a customer when their order is ready?

The restaurant buzzer from Retekess can help you solve these problems

In your restaurant use a set of restaurant buzzer, the wait staff manage the transmitter and give a pager to each customer who has placed an order. When the kitchen has prepared the order, the waiter enters the number of the correlating customer on the transmitter. Then the pager receives the signal and sends out alerts such as beeps, flashes and vibrations to remind the customer. The customer will know that their order is ready and collect it in time. This saves the server time in finding the customer, increases efficiency, reduces unnecessary labour expenses and allows the customer's order to be dealt with in a regulated manner, even during busy hours. 

retekess restaurant pager usage process

In a busy restaurant, server pagers help with efficient use of time, fast communication and overall smooth operation of the restaurant - a formula for increased guest satisfaction, quick table turnaround and increased profits. 

We support customized orders, and you are also welcome to comment or email us with your product requirements at and we will recommend the most suitable model for your restaurant.

Restaurant Waiting Buzzers TD167&TD168、TD167F&TD167S Smart Box

And now we are going to introduce two innovative solutions from Retekess that aim to revolutionize the way restaurants handle their queue management system. The Retekess TD168R restaurant Wireless Paging System Large-Capacity and the Retekess TD167F Long Range Paging System are designed to solve the common issue of long queues and waiting times in restaurants.

TD168R Restaurant Queue Wireless Calling System  Large-Capacity With 24 Coaster Pager and Separate Durable Keyboard

Let's start with the Retekess TD168R wireless coaster pager system. This system comes with 24 coasters, making it suitable for larger restaurants or establishments with multiple waiting areas. The anti-aging capacitive independent keypad ensures durability and ease of use for restaurant staff. One of the key features of this system is the ability to support multiple keypads to call the same pager, making it easier for staff to locate and notify customers when their table is ready..

Additionally, the Retekess TD168R system has an over-distance reminder function, which prevents pagers from getting lost or misplaced. This feature is particularly useful in busy environments where customers may wander away from the waiting area. With this system, restaurants can improve their efficiency and provide a better overall experience for their customers.

Retekess TD167F Long Distance Pager 800M For Restaurants,Food Truck,Coffee Shop

On the other hand, the Retekess TD167F Long Range Paging System is designed for establishments that require a wider coverage area. With an impressive 800m working distance, this system is ideal for food trucks, cafes, bars, and churches where customers may be waiting in different areas. The long-range capability of this system ensures that customers are promptly notified when their table or order is ready, reducing waiting times and improving customer satisfaction.

Both the Retekess TD168R and TD167F systems are versatile and can be used in a variety of settings where paging is required. Whether you are running a busy restaurant with multiple waiting areas or a food truck with customers waiting outside, these systems can help streamline your queue management process and enhance the overall dining experience for your customers.

Retekess TD167F TD167S Queue Management System Linked to LCD Displays No WiFi Queue Wireless Calling system

One of the key features of the Retekess TD167F TD167S Queue Management System is its ability to link to LCD displays, making it easy for customers to see their place in line and stay informed about wait times. This not only helps to reduce perceived wait times but also allows businesses to better manage customer flow and improve operational efficiency.

Retekess has introduced two innovative solutions to address the common issue of long queues and waiting times in restaurants. The TD168R restaurant Wireless Paging System Large-Capacity and the TD167F Long Range Paging System offer easy-to-use, reliable, and efficient ways to manage customer queues and improve overall customer satisfaction. If you are looking for a solution to streamline your restaurant's queue management process, consider investing in one of these cutting-edge pager systems from Retekess.

If we want to set up a second keypad in the kitchen so we can call staff from multiple places, can we buy multiple keypads?

Dual-keyboard pager combination, suitable for calling in different areas:

Retekess TD165 (SU-668) Wireless Beeper System with 2 Independent Keyboards

Retekess TD156 Restaurant Beepers Long Distance Pager With 2 Keboards 

Retekess TD168R Wireless Coaster Pager With 2 Independent Keyboards

Retekess TD177 Dual Keyboard Paging System for Multi-Zone Calling

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