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Retekes TWO-WAY Tour Guide System

Retekes TWO-WAY Tour Guide System

Retekes TWO-WAY Tour Guide System

Two-way full-duplex communication systems allow tour guides and participants to fully communicate with each other during a tour allowing for the best experience possible. So Retekess update the TT124 to TT126 two-way system. The system allows the tour group to talk to and be heard by each other; making it more convenient for interviews or question and answer sessions.

Each transmitter is with one earpiece, so every one can talk and listen to the others.But for the main transmtter, it has the priority, to control the guide.

The main transmitter can talk any time, but for the vice transmitter, when someone are in the talking model, the other vice transmitter cannot start the talk until the first vice transmitter end the talking. So if you need  2 transmitters talk in one group at the same time, you can use one main transmitter and remain one vice transmitter in the talking condition, so that 2 people can talk in one group.

When talk via the headphones, there are 2 modes , the "S" model or "P" model, P mode: press and hold the call button to speak, release to exit the call mode S mode: press the call button to speak, and press again to exit the call mode. The default is p mode. 

For applications where there are to multiple presenters that need to speak simultaneously to a tour group, but the audience is not required to speak back, then a system can be supplied with a mixture of transceivers and receivers.

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