Retekess product help you keep social distance

Retekess product help you keep social distance

Retekess product help you keep social distance

Only there is one person was injected of COVID-19, all of us need to keep social distance.

Retekess has multi products which can fit for many areas.

Retekess wireless calling system include the queue calling system, once there is line waiting, you can use the queue calling system, so people don’t need to wait in line, they can take the pager to some where is open or stay in the car.

Now many stores and restaurants and supermarket and other business use the calling system to keep distance.

Retekess have the tour guide system which is the listening device, so you can use them to keep social distance. Because we need to wear the face mask now, if you have a meeting or a conversation with other people, it will hard to hear each other. With the listening device, you will make you more clearly and make others hear clearly.

The courts, training, education and class and other business are all using the devices. We have variety models which can fit different usage.

For the very popular FM transmitter, people use it for drive in service, the churches and movie theater. Now many people use it for floating boat movies with the FM headset.

For the FM protable amplifier speaker, which used widely in the classroom. So the teachers can use this speaker talk to students directly even in the long range. And this will keep social distance between teachers and students.

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