Retekess TD185 Table Location System FAQ.

Retekess TD185 Table Location System FAQ.

Retekess TD185 Table Location System FAQ.

The Retekess TD185 Table Location System is the latest system from Retekess that differentiates itself from the traditional Pager System. Because the way it works is very different from the traditional Pager System, and there are many innovations in its use, we would like to provide answers to frequently asked questions.

  1. As a multi-part system, will it be complicated to install?

No, it is not. Compared with the traditional Pager System, TD185 does have more components, but the installation is very simple. The three components of the TD185 are: the system control unit, the pagers, and the locators; both the system control unit and the pagers are plug-and-play and work as long as they are connected to a power source. To install the locators, you only need to fix the locators and the supplied coils to the week under your desk with the supplied tape. There is no technical requirement or number of people required for the whole installation process, and it can be easily done by one person.

  1. What should I pay attention to during the installation process?

①Wire around the bottom of the table around, the ring area for positioning detection effective area.

②Wire as straight as possible, fit the desktop, the detection effect is more sensitive.

  1. What can be done to extend the life of the product?

① desktop as far as possible using wood, plastic, glass, and other materials, avoid using metal, marble desktop.

② Try to use better quality batteries to power the locators.

③Regularly check the wires and locators part to prevent loosening due to human reasons.

④Try to avoid too high temperature or too humid environment.

  1. Do I need a separate display for TD185 Table Location System?

Yes. Considering that shipping and your personal needs are different. There is no separate display prepared in the kit. You can choose a suitable display according to your needs and preferences for size. You need to pay attention to whether there is an HDMI port on the monitor.

  1. What if I want to connect with the cashier computer host to use?

It is not possible to connect with the computer host. We include an HDMI cable. Use the HDMI cable to connect the control host to the monitor you have prepared. Then use the included remote control to operate.

  1. My restaurant is quite large, what if the existing portfolio can't satisfy me?

The number of pagers and locators combinations included in the current portfolio is 8 groups. If you need more pagers and locators to serve your business. You can contact us via email at or online chat.

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