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Retekess Window Intercom Systems Introduction

Retekess Window Intercom Systems Introduction

Retekess Window Intercom Systems Introduction

Retekess window speaker system focus on wireless communication technology for 12 mire years, the development of our products is always based on our client's needs requirements. So it is very popular among the customers. And more and more Retekess dealers coming to ask for cooperation. Let's talk about the window speaker system here today.

The window intercom system also knows as a speech transfer system, talk through system, counter intercom, intercom system, window intercom, and hands-free window intercom. It is widely used in this time to make communication easier and clearer. They are everywhere these days due to the pandemic to keep a safe distance. They are widely used in different applications, such as care homes, retail. transport hospitals, surgeries, health clinics, banks, information centers, ticket windows, and so on.

Most of our dealers buy the TW101, TW102, TW103, and TW104. Here are the details of them. And they are so popular in this year, we made 2 modes TW105 and TW106 as Retekess new arrival if you want to know more  about the 2 models, pls check below:


Made as aluminum alloy shell, full metal, more durable and easy to clean, can be disinfected by disinfection water in the pandemic. 

5W, high powerful speaker, the volume is louder, so the working range is longer.

2M/6.56ft connect cable, easy to install 

Compared with half-duplex technology, signal transmission can work well simultaneously from different directions

There are speaker and microphone in the customer side and staff side, both support volumes adjust

voice transmission indicator to prompt the working condition

REC interface on the system support


High-quality plastic material, lighter than plastic

5W, High powerful speaker, the loud is more powerful

Professional conference microphone makes the clarity of sound and high quality of performance

1.8M strong connection plug made by 4 core high-strength aluminum foil shielded wire 

Support external microphone can use the wireless microphone

REC interface on the system can be used in the special scene

Balck color, more fashion and popular 

The 2 types of wireless window intercom systems are Retekess new arrival, we develop our previous models to upgrade it. The customers will like it due to the good features of them. So if you want to be our dealers of Retekess window speaker system, pls feel free to contact me at support@retekess.com. We will check the competitive price for you.


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