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Solution for Restaurant-Cafe Management

Solution for Restaurant-Cafe Management

Solution for Restaurant-Cafe Management

Retekess Solution for Restaurant-Cafe

If winter comes, can spring be far behind?

But i want to say, if spring comes, can summer be far behind?

I have several customers wait the summer coming, so that their restaurant can run.

What if customers too many, and we have few waiters?

How to improve customers satisfaction in our restaurant and be our old customer?

Retekess service calling system provide the solution for your restaurant.

Let's check the parts of the system.

A: Call button

Put the call buttons on the table. Customers will press it when they need help.

We have many types of call buttons, you can choose it based on your needs.

B: Watch receiver

Every waiter wear the watch. When customers need help and press the buttons, 

they will get the signal on the watches. It can beep, light and vibration. 

C: Host receiver

If you have a counter and few waiter, you can choose the host receiver,and place it 

on the counter. When customers press the call button, the host receiver will get the signal.

We have 2 types host receivers, T114 and TD105.

T114 has the smaller size and lights. It can work with any retekess call buttons.

TD105 with 2 working mode, one is with the call buttons and the other is with the 999 keypad 


D: Keypad transmitter

You can hang it on the kitchen, when the order is ready , the chef can press the table number

and the waiter will get the signal to pick the food. This keypad support 999 number, easy to use.

E: Signal repeater

If you have a large building, you can try the repeater to extended the working range. Max it can 

extend 2 times, but most depends on the working surroundings. If you are not sure, pls email us 

to get the professional suggestion.

Retekess is famous for the high quality products and best solutions.

If you want to get the professional solutions for your restaurant wireless communication, you can 

inform us. Our engineer will help you solve it. 

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