T119 Restaurant Pager-Customer Feedback

T119 Restaurant Pager-Customer Feedback

T119 Restaurant Pager-Customer Feedback

Since the launch of the T119 restaurant pager, it has sold very well. To facilitate you to quickly understand this product, I have collected objective feedback from customers. Let's take a look!

Good reviews for T119 restaurant Pager:

  1. Can be used in many places. Besides restaurants, customers also mentioned cafes, teahouses, hospitals, entertainment venues, etc, which are very helpful to customers.
  2. Protect yourself better during the pandemic. Avoid crowded queues and use this to help with social distancing.
  3. About Products:

A: Easy to set up and use

B: Good quality and durable, cost-effective

C: Good reminder mode(including Buzzer/Flash/Vibration)

D: Have a really good range: up to about 300m in open areas

In addition to the customer feedback above, I have some additional. For example, when the number you call is wrong, you can click the Cancel button to cancel. And the retekess logo on the pager can be replaced with its logo pattern, which is conducive to promoting its products.

Some problems and solutions for customers using the T119 restaurant pager:

  1. The manual is not easy to understand. We have related video how-tos, and you can follow our official channel on YouTube: Retekess. In addition, we will also optimize the manual as soon as possible.
  2. About Products:

A: It is easy to touch the antenna of the keyboard and cause it to fall. The antenna can be adjusted appropriately, or the keyboard can be placed in a safe place.

B: The pager cannot receive the signal or it is not working properly. Usually, it is the battery is exhausted and needs to be charged. Also, it could be that the distance is too far and there is no signal. For this, you can learn about the wireless repeater TD021 of this product, which can amplify the signal.

C: Turn on the prompt mode when charging: this is to facilitate you to find the corresponding pager among many charging pagers.

D: Pagers are unstable when charging: You can reduce the number of pagers on the charging base, or place them in a safe place. You can also follow with interest the TD156 waterproof pager system, its charging base is two plugs, which can be linked to another charging base so that it will be more stable.

E: The pager keeps beeping and I don't know how to turn it off. Just press the on/off key of the pager to turn off it.

For more product information, click the link below to enter!

T119 Paging System

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