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Compare the T130 Tour Guide Sound System with T130S Upgrades

Compare the T130 Tour Guide Sound System with T130S Upgrades

Compare the T130 Tour Guide Sound System with T130S Upgrades

Since the beginning of Retekess' wireless tour guide audio system, the T130 tour guide sound system has been the most popular model among our customers due to its compact size, stable quality, and cost-effective features. At the same time, we also have a lot of customers to suggest to us to improve the distance, standby time, and function.

Finally, in the expectation of many customers, the T130 guide system upgrade model will be released soon, and I will introduce the difference between it and the old version below.

Appearance replacement

The appearance of the upgraded transmitter is different from the original version, with a more stylish and beautiful black and white color scheme, and still maintains the characteristics of pocket size and portability. The two operation buttons have been added, making it easier and more convenient to use.


Expanded working range

The transmission distance of the original versionT130 the audio guide system is about 50-60 meters, which may not meet the needs of some customers for outdoor segway trips or larger churches. The transmission distance of the upgraded model has been increased to 100 meters. Within the working range of 100 meters, the signal is stable and the audio is clear.

Increased battery capacity

The wireless transmitter battery capacity is increased from 900mah to 3000mah, and the receiver battery capacity is increased from 600mah to 900mah. The upgraded model can be used continuously for 26 hours after being fully charged. Compared with the original T130 tour guide system, the standby time is increased by more than 30%, and there is no need to worry about its power running out for long time use, and the trouble of frequent charging is also avoided.

Improved features

T130 tour guide sound system upgrade model on the basis of the original function, add one key to mute, one key to shut down, and one key to pair the channel, mic, and AUX input simultaneously.

  • One-touch to mute allows the speaker to quickly cut off the voice transmission so that what he says will not be heard by the listener.
  • One-touch to shutdown allows you to turn off all receivers on the same channel as the transmitter in seconds, instead of having to turn them off one by one, saving time.
  • One-touch pairing means you can quickly synchronize the transmitter and all receivers to the same channel without having to go through the ID adjustment one by one, increasing efficiency.
  • The upgraded model adds an AUX jack. Compared with the old model, the upgraded model of the T130 tour guide system supports mic and AUX input at the same time, and the dedicated AUX jack will also make the transmission of auxiliary audio clearer.

More user-friendly accessories

The old receiver's earphone comes with the left ear earphone, and the new receiver's earphones changed to the D-shaped earphone common to the left and right ears, meet the hearing impaired people use, in long time users can also take turns wearing the left and right ears to relieve fatigue.

These are all the updates of the T130 tour guide sound system upgrade, which are optimized according to the feedback from our customers in recent years. We appreciate their valuable suggestions, and in return, we guarantee that the T130 tour guide sound system upgrade not only meets the needs of many customers but also remains cost-effective, giving you the best product within your budget.

In order to be more intuitive, the following makes a list of the main functional parameters of the two models:


If you have any questions, please feel free to email us, we have a professional customer service team to answer your questions.

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