TT112/TT111 Portable Tour Guide Audio System

TT112/TT111 Portable Tour Guide Audio System

TT112/TT111 Portable Tour Guide Audio System

In a company conference, does the presenter have a very distressing question? That is to hold the microphone and keep talking. At first, I felt that I was limited by the hand-held microphone, and I couldn't express my body language well. But as the meeting gets longer and longer, you will find that the arm holding the microphone starts to get a little sore. In this regard, a light and portable tour guide system that liberates your hands will be more suitable for the above scenarios. So, Retekess TT112/TT111 tour guide audio system is here, let's get to know it together!

Features of TT112/TT111 Tour Guide Audio System

The TT112 tour guide system is composed of a transmitter with a microphone and an ear-hanging earpiece receiver, which is very feature-rich.


Easy to set up and operate

What can one-click operations do? First of all, the power-on and power-off of the device can be done with a single button, the transmitter is the M button, and the receiver is the middle button. In addition, the transmitter supports one-touch pairing, mute and turn off all receivers. No complicated operations, easy to set up and use.

200 meters/656 feet communication distance

In an open area, the communication distance is as high as 656 feet, which will be affected to a certain extent as there are more and more obstacles in the middle. At the same time, the TT112 wireless tour guide system is divided into American version and European version. The US version supports 100 channels, the European version supports 36 channels, and multiple teams are allowed to carry out activities at the same time in the same area.


Lightweight and portable

The single weight of the transmitter is 128.6g, and the single weight of the receiver is 38.6g, which is convenient for storage. With a lanyard, you can hang the transmitter around your neck, free your hands, increase body language, and make the speaker's speech more exciting. 1 listener only needs 1 ear-hook headphone receiver, because after adjusting the ear-hook, the left and right are common, which is very convenient.

Enough working hours

The earphone 3.7V/520mA battery can be fully charged in only 2 hours, with a service life of 8-9 hours. The transmitter has a built-in 3.7V/1900mA battery, which can be fully charged in 5 hours and work for 10 hours. Whether it is a large meeting or a small or impromptu meeting held by multiple companies, there is no need to recharge in the middle, which can ensure the smooth running of the event.

Application of TT112/TT111 Tour Guide Audio System

Company Meeting

In order to avoid noise and affect the work of colleagues in the surrounding offices, the TT112 tour guide systems have played a great role. The first is to ensure that all participants can hear crystal clear sound quality, and the speaker's voice is only a normal volume, there will be no noise pollution.

Tour Group

Outdoor activities will be disturbed by various sounds from the outside world. In a noisy environment, it's important to make sure you hear your guide's voice clearly, but also to make sure you're aware of changes in your surroundings. 1 earphone for the left or right ear, you can hear clearly and pay attention to the changes around you, which is really great!

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