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Where to buy FM Broadcast Transmitter?

Where to buy FM Broadcast Transmitter?

Where to buy FM Broadcast Transmitter?

As the Coronavirus’s global spread escalates, the FM broadcast transmitter becomes more and more necessary for the Emergency Management to deal with the transmission issue.

And for the churches, using the FM radio station broadcast is the best way for people to attend prayer in their own cars instead of clustering together in a room.

Where to find a suitable low power or long-range FM transmitter? We highly recommend the Retekess TR501 low power FM transmitter, TR502 Bluetooth radio station, and TR505 long range FM transmitter.

TR501 Lower Power FM transmitter

1w/5w output power-adjustable, very simple the install, and use.

TR502 Bluetooth radio station

0-15W 8 levels of the output power options, PC control, remote antennas, support AUX audio line, U-disk and Bluetooth connections. Meet most customers' requirements on the audio input to broadcast.  

TR505 long-range FM broadcast transmitter

The theoretical output power is 25W, and the real output power is about 23W. Range up to 6KM in the open area. Support AUX, USB sound card and TF card to input audio. It has a keyboard and allows you preset 8 stations to make it easier to operate.

All of the Retekess fm broadcasting transmitters have the crystal sound quality and stable signal. In order to make all the departments could use the broadcast for the necessary information transmission during the COVID-19 virus period, all the FM transmitters are sold at very low prices and free shipping.

Any questions, welcome to email us at support@retekess.com. 

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