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Which Retekess Queue System is the Best Option for the Food Court

Which Retekess Queue System is the Best Option for the Food Court

Which Retekess Queue System is the Best Option for the Food Court

How Can I make the numbers showing on the TV screen to inform the customers in time?

Many restaurant owners may want the paging number to show on the big screen to inform the customers to get their food in time.

So Retekess development the TD015 paging system and update it to the new system TD176F. Besides, we also update it to be with the pagers. So when the customers make the order, they can get a pager with one number. So when the food is ready, the counter can press the kaypad, then the pager will prompt. Besides, the number will show on the TV screen as well. 

If you still need the system for your business, Pls check the other good features of the queue system:

Supports 7 Language

It can connect with your customers in their native language. There are English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. So the customers will not missed any call. Besides, it also supports the customized broadcast langaues and named it as voice. You can copy the MP3 to the USB and then plug it to the host receiver.

Support video and picture broadcasting on the screen

During the waiitng time, you can broadcast a video on the TV screen to promote your restaurant, it should be in the MP4 format. You can also broacast the advertising slogan at the button of the screen, but the name of the slogan should be named as "ad".

queue calling system

Out-of-range alarm

It is all-in-one system, which is with the guest paging system. And for the guest paging system, it is with the out-of-range feature, so when the customers carry the pagers away the keypad by mistake, the pagers will beep all the time. 

Changed the number of pager using one key

Many custoemers said that it is complicated to changed the number of pager all the time. So we update the changing way to be earier: you can only press the "P" key to confirm the number. 

The queue system is the new arvial with some good features, so if you this kind of paging system, you can check this one. Email us to support@retekess.com to get more details.

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