Whisper Tour Guide for Factory Tour

Whisper Tour Guide for Factory Tour

Whisper Tour Guide for Factory Tour

Factory visit is an activity that enterprises often carry out, so how to successfully hold this activity? The answer is to use a suitable whisper tour guide. A wireless tour guide system for factory tours should have the following features:

Over distance reminder function

When the receiver is too far away from the transmitter, an out-of-distance notification is received. This is equivalent to telling visitors: "Hey, man, you're behind, keep up!" This feature of the whisper tour guide prevents a large group of people visiting the factory, and a few people behind them leave the line.

Illuminated display

Indoor factories do not have bright sunlight outside, and there are some dark areas.Whisper tour guide with illuminated display can see the screen clearly even in dim light. There is no need to use additional lighting equipment, and you do not need to get close to the display to view it, which is very intimate.

key lock

When you're explaining to a group of people, you're not standing still. You have to walk, you have to be physically active, and you may be squeezed when space is tight, which can lead to inadvertent channel numbers and mute adjustments, delaying the tour. The key lock function allows you to do whatever you want without worrying about accidentally hitting the button.

Turn off all receivers with one click

You can imagine that after the tour is over, you have to turn off the receivers one by one, it will be too tiring. The ability to turn off all receivers at the touch of a button definitely saves you a lot of work.

The whisper tour guide with these features is the TT122 from retekess. If you have a need for a factory tour, don't miss it. If you have other business requirements, please leave a message and tell us, we will do our best to make you satisfied.

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