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Important Factors in Choosing a Wireless Paging System

Important Factors in Choosing a Wireless Paging System

Important Factors in Choosing a Wireless Paging System

Restaurant wireless paging system are designed to let diners know when a table is available to eat without them having to wait at a certain location. Pager systems are particularly useful in fast food restaurants where there is often a large number of customers on the move. And, in the competitive industry, where customers can easily decide to find somewhere else to eat if they are not satisfied with your service, these paging systems can make a huge difference to your business.If you are considering buying a restaurant paging system for your restaurant, you need to consider the following very important factors: price, working range, battery life, and how many pagers can be supported.


We offer you a range of products at different price points, so you can buy according to your needs. One of our newest products: the TD175 Affordable Pager System, is available at a cheaper price and has more features compared to other products.

Retekess Long Range Pager System


This is the highest priority when using a restaurant paging system. It refers to the distance each pager can be paged, to how far a customer can walk once they have the pager. If your restaurant is on the beach, then your customers can go for a walk on the beach while waiting and you can also transmit a signal to it.

How many pagers can be supported

Another key factor is how many pagers your paging system supports. Initially, your restaurant is small and you may only need 10 pagers, but after a while your restaurant becomes popular, the customer traffic gets bigger and you need more pagers, so you may want to consider buying another set of products. But don't worry, we have several products that support 999 pagers, you just need to buy additional pager and you'll be fine.And we also have the TD175P paging system with 30 charging slots for you to choose, which is a high-capacity pager, but its base size is small, so it does not take up space.

Battery life

The charge time and battery life of your batteries are really important. You must don't want to inconvenience yourself and your customers when your pager runs out of battery when the restaurant is busy. But our products, with their long-lasting battery life and fast charging, are very likely to help you avoid this situation.

How pagers work in restaurants

Most restaurants use a pick-up system that consists of a transmitter and pager with a digital number. When the restaurant prepares a table for you, the waiter transmits a signal to the corresponding pager. By using a pager system, you can make your customers' waiting time very happy by allowing them to go to a nearby drinks shop to get a drink or a dessert shop to have a sweet snack while they wait.

Finally, the wireless paging system doesn't have to be limited to restaurants, it can be useful in burger shops, coffee bars, food trucks, pizzerias, and anywhere else where customers need to be prompted quickly and conveniently.

If you want to know more about the Retekess pager system, please leave a comment or contact us at support@retekess.com and we will give you a specific answer.

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