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Why Choose T130S Whisper Radios?

Why Choose T130S Whisper Radios?

Why Choose T130S Whisper Radios?

The T130S radio guide system is an upgraded version of the T130 and is compatible with the T130. The T130S whisper radio offers significant improvements in battery life, communication range, and functionality over older versions.

The T130S whisper radio guide system is suitable for a wide range of use cases, and according to customer feedback, it performs well in travel, translation, and assisted listening.

T130S whisper radios for tours

With this system, tour guides can deliver their services with confidence, ensuring that their group can easily follow their instructions, listen to their insights, and have an exceptional tour experience.
1. The T130S whisper tour guide system is prized for its durability and portability. Durability ensures that it can withstand the wear and tear of daily use, and its appeal is further enhanced by the T130S's portability, a compact, lightweight design that can be easily carried by tour guides. Whether they're traveling through crowded streets or exploring vast landscapes, the T130S Whisper system for tours won't be an obstacle to their movements.
2. With a range of 100 meters, guides can confidently communicate with the group even during large attractions and outdoor trips. This ensures that everyone on the tour can hear the guide clearly and is free to explore.
3. With up to 20 hours of run time, the T130Swhisper tour guide system can be relied upon by tour guides for extended periods of time without the fear of frequent recharging or interruptions. The extended battery life is especially valuable on long trips or multi-day trips where power may be limited or unavailable.

T130S whisper radios for translation

  1. Whether you are translating for a church, an international conference, or a courtroom, the T130S whisper device's clear voice transmission enhances the communication experience and efficiency for both speaker and listener. 
    2. In addition, it has 49 channels to support the establishment of multiple groups in different languages, which makes the T130S wireless system highly adaptable and flexible to meet different translation needs.
    3. One-touch mute transmitter allows interpreters to quickly and easily mute the transmitted audio when necessary. This is useful in situations where the interpreter needs to take a short break or at moments when background noise may interfere with the interpreting process. This feature temporarily suspends the audio transmission without the need for complicated adjustments or settings.

T130S whisper radios for assisted hearing

1. The T130S whisper hearing system is an excellent choice for assisted hearing purposes. One of the system's outstanding features is its loud sound output, ensuring that it can effectively amplify audio for people with hearing impairments. In addition, the system offers a 10-level adjustable volume feature that allows users to further personalize their listening experience. This ensures that people with varying degrees of hearing can find the perfect volume setting for their needs.

2. In addition, the T130S Whisper Radio has been designed with user-friendliness in mind. The controls are easy to use and navigate, making the operation simple and intuitive. Plug and play, no experience or knowledge is required.

3. The T130S whisper transmitter supports dual inputs. This means it can be seamlessly integrated with external audio sources, such as TVs or sound systems, for enhanced compatibility. You can easily connect the transmitter to a variety of audio devices to expand your audience's listening options.

4. The crystal-clear sound quality of the T130S whisper hearing system is great for assistive listening applications, which is especially important in situations where clear communication is required, such as in the classroom, at meetings, or at public events.

In fact, the T130S wireless tour guide system is also ideal for campus tours, factory visits, training, and education. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our products and services.

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