T130S Wireless Tour Guide System - T130 Upgraded Version

As a classical model, T130S wireless guide system is an upgraded version of the T130, compatible with the T130,T131 tour guide system. Compared to the older version, the T130S tour guide systems add a one-touch mute, one-touch shutdown of all receivers, and an AUX port (allowing for simultaneous MIC and AUX inputs); the sound is louder, and the battery life and communication range are significantly improved. Of course, T130 audio guide system has received widespread praises from customers around the world. By purchasing through our official website, you can enjoy a 30 day free return, a 2-year warranty, and lifelong technical support. Retekess, as a leading manufacturer in the wireless tour guide system industry, has been dedicated to this field for 15 years. Our business reach customers globally. We prioritize listening to our customers, placing their needs priority, and ensuring customer satisfaction is our driving force for progress.

Why choose T130S Wireless Guide System

Combination Kit

Wireless guide system for multiple use cases

  • T130S wireless tour guide system is popular with guides for its durability, portability, 20 h of runtime, and 100 m communication range, features that make it an effective solution for tour guiding.
  • T130S wireless guide system is ideal for assistive listening due to its loud sound output, 10 levels of adjustable volume, dual input support, and ease of operation.
  • Thanks to its high-quality sound, multi-channel (language) support and one-touch mute function, the T130S wireless translation system is a practical tool for interpreters in churches, conferences, and courtrooms.
Museums and historic monuments
City tours and outdoor walks
Simultaneous interpretation
Assisted listening