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Why Tour Guide System will not be replaced by Walkie Talkies

Why Tour Guide System will not be replaced by Walkie Talkies

Why Tour Guide System will not be replaced by Walkie Talkies

Tour Guide System and walkie-talkie are two different types of communication. Simply put, there is one-way and two-way communication between the two. As two of the most popular communication methods used in the service industry, they are used in many scenarios in the business service industry. In today's service industry, where service standards are constantly being raised, why is the Tour Guide System still widely used in many service industries and will not be replaced by Walkie Talkies? There are several reasons.

Tour Guide System and walkie-talkie users have different purposes of use

As we can see, Tour Guide System and Walkie Talkies can be found in tourist attractions, large amusement parks, bars, clubs, etc. However, it is easy to see that even in the same situation, the users are not the same. The users of these two are not the same group of people. Or rather, the purpose of the same scene is different. Usually, those who use Walkie Talkies are staff members, and the main purpose is to work, and the frequency of speech between the two is equal, which is the reason why they are called Walkie Talkies. But Tour Guide System is different. It is usually used by tour guides and those who provide direct service or support to tour guides. One is communication for the purpose of work. The other is for service purposes.

Tour Guide System and walkie-talkie have differences in program and price

Although these two different categories of products may seem similar in function, there are significant differences in use and cost because of the difference between two-way and one-way. First is the use of the program. For example, you are also designing a program for a museum, in the museum should be divided into two groups of users. The museum staff and the tour guides and visitors. The museum staff needs to communicate with each other frequently. They need to be equipped with Walkie Talkies. But for visitors and guides, it is not necessary to have intercoms as well. The relationship between visitors and guides is basically in a state where the guides output information mainly. And generally speaking, the number of visitors is relatively large, and it is not suitable to ask questions over the intercom for a long time. Another point is that there is a big difference in price between the two. Relatively speaking, the price of the Tour Guide System and the walkie-talkie of the same quality level is higher. For example, Retekess T130 and Retevis RT22, so, from the point of view of the use of demand and cost performance, or need to choose the most suitable program to buy.

To sum up, Tour Guide System is not perfect in the application scenario. But it has its own advantages to make up for the shortcomings of the walkie-talkie. It will not be replaced by the walkie-talkie. If you want to know more about Tour Guide System-related content or combination recommendation. Please feel free to contact us via live chat or support@retekess.com to contact us.

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