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TD124 display receiver for the waiter call system

PC connection to monitor real-time call information and export call records

Work with RFID card make it possible for employee service statistics

Built with retractable antenna, communicate range up to 200m

6 call information shows at the same time

Connect external audio sound

4 prompt sound options and 16 specific service types


Retekess T114 paging system adopts RF wireless and learning code technology support 999 wireless call buttons for your business grows; Easy to install and match the call buttons to use; Large digital display for servers check; Volume adjustable 1-15 levels


Use in different applications queue and service callling system, With a button battery, no time will be lost after power off, no additional settings are required, Partition settings can be made to set up 6 areas to meet different needs, Add call button on this seting mode, each area add 99 call button, Support keypad you can add 999 channels, 4 groups of call numbers can be displayed on screen,