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Extra pager for Retekess T113 pager system

T113 pager has 2 working mode: Vibration with light, beeper with light;

Can change the working mode time up to 35s;

IP32 waterproof;

Can customize the logo of the pager

The dimension of the pager: 103*51*10mm

The Paper insert size: 3.5*6.5mm


Waterproof charging interface, safer shut down all pagers once press key "99" and then press " call", Easy to change mode time from 7s-35s, set the time that you need with 5 blue led light prompt


T113 Extra Pager for T116  T116A Paging System;

4 prompt mode, and very easy to set up;

Pairing in a few simple steps;

Small size and lightweight, make it easy to carry and put in the pocket

The dimension of the pager: 104*50*8mm

The Paper insert size: 40*80mm