T113 Wireless Guest Paging System for Restaurant Clinic

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5 reminder lengths

Silent mode can be set

300m working distance

One-touch shutdown possible

Five-section trolley antenna for stronger transmission signal

Different ID numbers can be set to avoid interference

Note: Please use the product on the table which be made of wood, plastic, glass and other materials, and avoid the table top of metal and marble.

T113 Wireless Guest Paging System for Restaurant Clinic

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The Wireless Guest Paging System consists of a 16-channel transmitter and 16 wireless pagers. The transmitter has 16 charger slots and is easily charged by inserting the pager into the card slot.retekess t113 long range system using in food trucks and humbug shop

The Wireless calling System greatly improves efficiency and eliminates long queues for customers. This is why it is widely used in fast-food restaurants, food trucks, pizzerias, church nurseries, car shops, or many other places where customers are waiting to be served. You run a pizzeria with a very good business and at meal times the queue is very large and they gather around your restaurant waiting for a seat or a pizza. Customers can't go anywhere because they don't know when a seat will be available or the pizza is ready. If you use the paging system in your restaurant, give the customer a pager after they have ordered and record the corresponding pager ID, then when the customer's meal is ready you can enter the corresponding ID on the keypad to make the call and the customer will soon receive an alert. Improving the efficiency of the restaurant, giving the customer a great experience, and improving the queuing situation.

Features of the T113 Wireless Guest Paging System:

Change ID: 1 to 99 IDs can be set, when multiple hosts are used in the same place, different ID numbers can be set to avoid interference.

5 reminder lengths: short press the set button to set 7, 14, 21, 28, and 35 seconds reminder lengths depending on the number of lights.

Prompt time can be changed: time from 5S-35s.  It has 5 lights in the pagers, each light flashes means adding 5S,  You can set the time based on your need.

Turning off the pager: The pager side button allows you to turn off the reminder with one touch so that customers don't have to be bothered by the beeping sound in a quiet environment. Press and hold the set button on the menu to switch off the menu.

One-touch off: plug the extension into the charging slot and enter 99+call to turn off the phone with one touch, for easy operation.

retekess t113 long range system abs materialretekess t113 wireless calling system antennaretekess long range system wireless calling system waterproof

Performance of the T113 Wireless Guest Paging System:

The Keypad is painted black with rubber paint for a non-slip feel.

The waterproof charging port on the Keypad for better waterproofing.

The two-digit digital display supports up to 98 pagers.

Five-section trolley antenna for better signal transmission.

Over 300m calling distance.

Mini size pager, easy to handle.

Support customize logo, just move the paper and make, it the right size then put it in the pagers.

 retekess long range system wireless calling system mini sizeretekess-long-range-system-wireless-calling-system-sturdy-parcel  retekess-t113-long-range-system-wireless-calling-system-customized-logo

How to program?

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How do we make it?

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How do we send them out?

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Restaurant, Cafe, church nursery, hotel, bank, hospital, clinic, SPA, salon, school, nursing home, bar, brewery, food truck, factory, worksite, office, casino.

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T113 Wireless Guest Paging System Transmitter

Dimension 235*155*35mm
Material ABS
Transmit Power 480mW
Standby Power 650mW
Frequency 433MHz
Power Supply DC12V/1A
Launch Distance >800M(Open Area)
Support Receiver 99(16/Set)
IP Grade IP32

T113 Wireless Guest Paging System Pager

Dimension 103*51*10mm
Material ABS
Receiving Sensitivity -114dB
Standby Power 148mW
Li-Polymer 3.7V/200mAh
Frequency 433MHz
Standby Time About 6 Hour
Support Receiver Vibration Beep Flashing
IP Grade IP32 

Package Detail

Guest Pagers x 16

Antenna x 1

Power adaptor x 1

Keypad transmitter x 1 

User manual x 1

Q: How many pieces of pagers can I use on one set?

A: In the original set, there are 16 pieces of pagers. It supports 99 channels, and 98 pagers the number, 99 is for the power of all the receivers at one time.

Q: How many prompt ways does the wireless paging system have?

A: 2 ways: Vibration + buzzer + flashing light / Vibration + flashing light.

Q: Can I change the prompt time?

A: Yes, the time from 7-35s. Every light flash means 7s, there are 5 lights in all.

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