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Retekess TT103 Tour Guide Radio Systems for Tour Guiding Simultaneous Translation Church Assistive Listening System

SKU: F9449B-F9450B

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Tour guide system with AUX jack supports auxiliary audio input

Transmitter works for 12 hours, receiver works for 14 hours

TT103 transmitter can work with any number of receivers

LCD screen displays volume, channel, signal, and power

PLL technology for stable signal and clear sound

200 channels without interfering with each other

Supports  channel automatic synchronization

Transmission range up to 140m (460ft)

One button to turn off all receivers

Simple to use and easy to set up

Transmitter mute function

TT103 translation equipment for church


Crystal clear sound

Wireless tour guide system uses advanced phase-locked loop technology, so it can effectively maintain the stability of the signal and excellent audio clarity. Whether you use it for simultaneous interpretation or factory tours or school teachings, visitors will not hear background noise and they can comfortably focus on the content of the transmitted information.

Automatic pairing

If you have many receivers, adjusting their channels one by one for synchronization can be very cumbersome. The auto-pairing feature allows you to synchronize the channels of transmitters and all receivers in ten seconds or less, saving you valuable time and improving work efficiency.Moreover, TT103 translation equipment with channel memory function, after successful pairing, you can use it directly next time without the need to synchronize channels again.

Large capacity rechargeable battery

The portable transmitter has a built-in 1300mAh rechargeable lithium battery that can be used for 12 hours of continuous use when fully charged, and the wireless receiver has a built-in 1300mAh rechargeable lithium battery that can be used for 14 hours of continuous use when fully charged, which means that even if your event lasts all day, the battery power is definitely enough.

Long range tour guide solutions

TT103 tour guide radio systems can transmit up to 140m (460ft) in open areas, allowing listeners to hear the presentation clearly within 140m of the transmitter, making it suitable for outdoor teaching, tour groups, and churches with a large number of visitors or a large venue.

long range tour guide radio systems                                   retekess tt103 transmitter with mute function                                         retekess tt103 tour guide system with AUX jack

Transmitter with mute function

Click the right button of the transmitter to turn on the mute, then the receiver can not hear any sound from the transmitter. The sudden call from the presenter or the sound of his sneeze or cough will undoubtedly give the visitor a bad experience, and this feature can avoid this situation. Turning off the mute is also very simple, right-click again to resume normal sound transmission.

AUX input and MIC input

TT103 wireless tour guide audio system has AUX jack and MIC jack, you can use a 3.5mm audio cable to connect the transmitter and audio devices such as computers, smartphones, mp3, etc., and then play pre-recorded voice files or music to the visitor wearing the receiver. In addition, the presenter can speak into the microphone while the audio device is connected to play background music.

Comfortable accessories

TT103 transmitter with a clip-on microphone that presenters can clip to their collar, which is not easy to drop and also frees up their hands. The receiver with a 3.5mm single-sided earphone, is not an in-ear earphone, so it is more clean and hygienic. In addition, considering users with hearing impairment on one ear, our single-sided headphones have left ear headphones and right ear headphones, you can contact us to indicate the number of left and right ear headphones you want when you place an order.

Free volume adjustment

The wireless receiver has 10 levels of volume, the listener can choose the right volume by "+" and "-", visitors can adjust the volume level according to their hearing condition and the external environment at will.


application of retekess wireless tour guide system

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T103 Transmitter
Frequency 740-790MHz
channel  200 channels
SNR ≥70dB
Distortion rate ≤ 0.2%
Power supply  Built-in 1300mAh lithium battery
Working hours About 12 hours
Charging method Mini USB DC 5V connector
Transmission distance Approximately 140 meters (460 feet)
Size 98 x 63 x 17mm/3.9 x 2.5 x 0.7in
Weight 75g / 0.16lb

TT104 Receiver

Frequency  740-790MHz
channel 200 channels
SNR ≥70dB
Distortion rate ≤ 0.2%
Power supply Built-in 1300mAh lithium battery
Working hours About 14 hours
Charging method Mini USB DC 5V connector
Transmission distance Approximately 140 meters (460 feet)
Size 85x50x18mm/3.3x2x0.7in
Weight 54g/0.12lb

Package Includes
1 x Wireless transmitter
10 x Wireless receiver
1 x Lavalier microphone
10 x Single earphone
11 x Lanyard
11 x USB charging cable
1 x English manual

Q:  How many pieces receivers can i use?

A: There are 200 channels you can use at the same time and each channel, you can use any receivers that you need.

Q: Can I power off all the receivers one time?

A: Yes

Q: How many transmitters can I use in one receiver?

A: One transmitter

Q: This is one transmitter with ten receivers, can I buy 25 receivers?

A: Sure, you can buy any that you need, pls send us an email: to get the best price.

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