Retekess TD009 Wireless Call Button for Elderly Emergency Healthcase Call System

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Waterproof, One-key design, Bulit-in 12V23A battery, Waterproof,stable signal and long range, Each call button comes with a long lanyard, Small size and light weight,easy to wear and use.

Wireless calling buttons work with T128, TD108 watch receivers or T114 receiver host. The advantages of using the wireless call button are faster service, increased table rotation, greater customer satisfaction and increased overall revenue.

Easy to install: each button comes with a double-sided adhesive, it can be fixed on the table very easily, built in 12V/23A battery, work out of box after pairing it with the receiver paging system

Easy to use: only one-key on the button, very easy for the customers to use, no tutorial required

Waterproof: no worry about sprinkling drinks or vegetable juice

Long range: the range up to 150m with a stable signal in an open area, making the customer's needs heard all the time 

Small size: 66 x 66 x 27mm, saving space and easy to clean


Lanyard Included

Transmitter/Push Call Button is Easy Carry

Pager also can Be Put in Pocket

Lanyard hole design, by the attached lanyard, patients can wear the button around the neck

Compact Size

Sticker included for each call buttons, easy to fix on table or wall

Lanyard hole design, by lanyard, patients can wear the button around the neck

It came with some stickers so you can stick it on the medical table or some flat surface near patinets so they can't lose it

Call Buttons

1 Pc 12V 23A Alkaline batteries for each call buttons

Long service time, can use more 6 months


Long Service Time

Transmitter/Push Call Button is Waterproof, more suitable for patients whoes hands flabby

Caregiver was able to work around the house and garage, but still be available at a moments notice when be called

Waterproof Call Buttons

Lanyard included for each call buttons, patients can wear the button around the neck

Operating Range is150 meter / 492 ft

Compact Size

Keep caretaker from being tied to a few rooms in the house and provided them with the confidence that could be available quickly

Portable and notified the wearer by the tone what action they should take


This call button is ideal for home, nursing home, hospital, clinic, hotel, factory, office, school,

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RF frequency: 433MHz

Modulation mode: ASK (AM)

Working chip: learning code

Power: 12V23A battery (included)

Emission distance: 150 meters (in open area)

Working temperature: -20 Celsius to 55 Celsius

Size: 66 x 66 x 27mm / 2.6 x 2.6 x 1 in

Weight: 42g / 1.7oz

Has sticker, can be hung around the neck

One key: Call

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