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3 Days Left for Retekess Anniversary Promotion

3 Days Left for Retekess Anniversary Promotion

3 Days Left for Retekess Anniversary Promotion

Retekess anniversary promotion starts from 6th July until 15th Aug, and during the 50 days, Retekess has many regular customers who inquired about the new system again. We are also happy to know that our system will help your business well. The most important thing is that we also have many new customers, some of them know our brand from their friends, and others from Google. Anyway, thanks for all the Retekess customers' attention. Our team will always focus on the customers' feedback and supply the most effective products.

The thing is the anniversary promotion will end until 15th Aug, with only 3 days left. So if you still need our system, pls click here to check the best promotion.

Guest Paging System

Sales of tens of thousands of sets per year make our system widely popular among restaurants, coffee, and food trucks. Not only kinds of types, but also the cost-effective price. The T112 wireless guest paging system is the most popular, the classic black and durable pagers make it spread among the bosses. In the US, an average of 1 in 10 users uses our brand. Over the several years, our engineers make out some new models, such as T116 TD157, TD163, TD183, and so on. We will still study the customer's feedback and comments to make a more useful system. 

Tour Guide System

The system is widely used in travel agencies, that it can make the sound clear to reach the tourists. Also, the tourists no need to stay in the place but can hang around to enjoy the travel. T130 and T131 system is the most popular and widely known by many guides. Most of the people know Retekess through T130 and T131. But you may don't know that we study other models to meet different models, such as the TT122, which is popular due to its fashion design and long working range. In 2022, we also listed the TT110, which has the disinfection function. We also have TT105, which supports 2 transmitters working in one group. 

During the promotion, all the models of the Retekess system have a discount, it is up to 30%.  So if you are still interested in our system, pls check it. 3 days later, the price will be normal. If you need more, pls email us at support@retekess.com to get an additional discount.


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