How to Ask for Help When You Need It About Retekess Products

How to Ask for Help When You Need It About Retekess Products

How to Ask for Help When You Need It About Retekess Products

Retekess provides Wireless Guest Paging System, Service Calling System, Tour Guide System, Window Intercom System, FM transmitters, and FM Radio Receivers. All the products have been sold all over the world. You may have some problems with operating products or orders. In order to get an efficient solution, please check the following instructions.

If you have the problem on how to use or operate on Retekess products, you could follow us on YouTube Channel, then search for the exact model.

YouTube Channel:

Or check the user manual to find the details, Retekess user manual could be downloaded from our website:

User Manual Resources:

You could also search on the blog page to find a solution:

Retekess Blog Page:

Retekess always does the best to provide our customers the high-quality products, and nothing is more important than our customers’ concern all the time. However, no brand can guarantee that the product can be 100% free from problems. No matter you are the dealer of Retekess or purchased Retekess products from our dealers, if there’s any problem during the use of Retekess products, please don’t worry, just feel free to contact us through email ( or WhatsApp (+86 15339073051) with the following details.

  1. The link that you purchase the item from
  2. The Order ID of your purchase
  3. Give us as many details about the problem as you can 

Retekess always reply all the message in 1 working day. Please note that all your information is really important for us to provide you an efficient solution.

If you need extra accessories for Retekess items that you purchased, please email us with the exact model number that you have. And let us know the quantity that you need and do you need it with Standard or Expedited shipping so that we can get back to you with the exact price for your reference.

Thank you very much for your support and cooperation with Retekess!

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