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Solution for Broadcasting the Fitness Training in COVID19 Period

Solution for Broadcasting the Fitness Training in COVID19 Period

Solution for Broadcasting the Fitness Training in COVID19 Period

Are you ready to go outside do the fitness training and restart your business again after a long time quiet?

2020 is a hard year for many people, many people lose their jobs or go bankrupt. Recently, the business is recovering from the disaster. But we still need to take some measures to protect ourselves and customers. For many gyms, it is a big chance to do some training and ask people to build their bodies in the COVID-19 time. 

Retekess has supply 2 solutions for the gym to do fitness training.

FM transmitter audio and Mic

Solution A: FM transmitter with FM headset 

This system can be used in a wide area, such as in the park. You can broadcast the music via the FM transmitter and then wear the headset to listen the music. For our FM transmitters, such as RT508, which supports the wireless microphone (TR104). You can broadcast the music and talk at the time. The listeners can wear the FM headset to do the training.

Advantage: 1, The broadcast radius of TR508 can reach 400M, so within the working range, the listeners are unlimited.  

                    2, Create silent surroundings all the listeners wear the FM headset and the music is broadcasting via the FM radio audio.

                    3, Cost-effective,  All the FM headsets is ok, and it is at a good price.

Disadvantage: 1, You need to prepare the mobile power first, because, for the TR508, it doesn't have a built-in battery.

Tour guide system for training

Solution B: Tour guide system transmitter and receiver 

Advantage: 1, we have many types of tour guide system, you can choose any type that you like. Each system with transmitter and receivers. most of them are with the built-in battery. You can use them freely. 

                   2, Compact size, each to carry and use. All the transmitters are with the lavalier microphone, easy to use and all the receivers are with the headsets. Once you set them in the same channels, they can work.

                   3, We have the 2.4G tour guide system, it is free to license, you can use them freely.

Disadvantage: 1, the longest working radius range is about 150M, others are about 30M. So you need to confirm the working range that you need, so that can choose the right type.

We supply the solutions for many industries, in this hard time, we will check the best offer for you. If you want to know more, pls email us at support@retekess.com

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