T-AC03 T-AC04 Access Control Keypad FAQ

T-AC03 T-AC04 Access Control Keypad FAQ

T-AC03 T-AC04 Access Control Keypad FAQ

Q: Where can I get a manual of the A-TC03/T-AC04 keypad?

A: You could download the manual from Retekess official website: Download

Q: How do we program the RFID cards?

A: Enter Programming mode by pressing * then enter the Master Code, then press #, then press *,
Next, Press 1, then swipe card across the front of the keypad, then press #
To keep entering cards, Press 1, swipe the next card across the front of the keypad, then press # and continue to repeat the process until you have entered all the cards you want to enter.

Q: Can cards be deleted from this keypad?

A: Yes. It's a built in controller, so you can add/delete directly from the device. If using in Wiegand mode, you would need to manage the cards from your own controller

Q: Can I configure multiply pin codes and change some/all of them easily?

A: Yes, you can add multiple pin codes according to the instructions. And If you use prox cards with it, each card can have an access code with it.

Q: How to remove pin code from system?

A: 1. to enter the programming mode: *Master code(default 999999)#
2. to enter: 2 user ID number # for a PIN user or 2 Read card # for a card user

Q: How do I reset master code if I forgot mine?

A: If you want to reset master code, you need to reset to factory default according to the following instruction

  1. Disconnect power from the unit.
  2. Press and hold # key whilst powering the unit back up.
  3. On hearing two "Di" release # key, system is now back to factory settings. Then the default factory master code is 999999.

Q: Does it support dry contacts?

A: Yes, it does. The access control keypad has an internal relay with Common, NO and NC.

Q: Are the purple and blue wires normally open dry contact?

A: Yes, purple and blue are NO according to the spec sheet

Q: Can the keypad connect to Access Control?

A: Generically, yes. It has the wires for connection to a Weigand protocol access control system, which is the majority of them.

Q: Can we use this for elevator door entrance as well?

A: Yes, you can

Q: What is the length of the wiring cable to go through a wall?

A: The jacketed length of the cable is 9 inches. The individual wires extend another 2 1/2 inches


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