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Tag Archives :Intercom Speaker System

Why Does the Warehouse Need Retekess TW104 Window Intercom Speaker System?

Retekess TW104 window intercom system In a noisy warehouse, it can help employees talk easily with drivers who come to pick up the goods. Factors such as too far away or too noisy surroundings will no longer cause trouble for communication. A simple and easy-to-use device can help both parties hear each other clearly and accurately convey their own voices. Improve the efficiency of conversation and reduce the pressure on both sides.  ...

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Where Can the Retekess Dual Way Counter Intercom System be Used?

Retekess window intercom speaker system can benefit many industries, it is a best-selling system. It is usually installed at bank counters, ticket windows in various entertainment venues, and settlement windows, and medicine collection counters in hospitals. Help both parties to communicate easily. Have better sound quality and simple operation.  ...

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