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Where Can the Retekess Dual Way Counter Intercom System be Used?

Where Can the Retekess Dual Way Counter Intercom System be Used?

Where Can the Retekess Dual Way Counter Intercom System be Used?

Retekess dual way counter intercom system is widely welcomed by users due to its better sound quality and simple operation. Where can it be used?

Ticket offices for parks, theaters, and amusement parks
These entertainment places such as parks, playgrounds, and movie theaters often have a large passenger flow, and the environment is usually very noisy and noisy. Therefore, at the ticket office, the conductor often makes repeated inquiries due to the incomprehensibility of the other party. Customers also feel dissatisfied with the need to raise their voices and repeat them all the time. Both parties will think this is an unpleasant exchange, and it will also reduce work efficiency. It is also not conducive to maintaining social distancing during the COVID-19 period that customers lining up behind to stay together for a long time. The installation of the dual-way counter intercom system allows the conductor and the customer to communicate smoothly even in a noisy environment, without being affected by the surrounding environment

Counters of banks and securities companies
The anti-theft glass will be installed at the counters of banks, insurance companies, and securities companies that handle business, which helps to provide a safer working environment for employees. But these glasses will hinder the communication between employees and customers who come to handle business. Due to the distance in space and the influence of the surrounding environment, both parties need to be as close as possible to the glass window and increase the volume to communicate. This is extremely inconvenient. In addition, these businesses may contain customers’ property and personal information, and raising the voice may face the risk of leaking customers’ personal information. Using the window intercom system can ensure a smooth conversation between the two parties, without increasing the volume, and bring a better experience to customers

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