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TD157 Wireless Restaurant Rager System FAQ

TD157 Wireless Restaurant Paging System FAQ includes:How to set the number of the pager, change the reminder mode, how to call all the pagers at the same time, whether two sets of pagers can be used at the same time, etc.  ...

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Characteristics of TD157 Wireless Guest Paging System

TD157 wireless guest paging system is very helpful for Covid-19, the working distance is great, and easy to operate, cost-effective.  ...

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How to change pager ID and Notice mode of TD157 queue calling system?

Retekess TD157 queue calling system is easy to operate. It has two notice mode. This video shows how to change ID of pager and notice modes. Any questions, feel free to email us support@retekess.com. Or visit our website: www.retekess.com  ...

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How to change system ID of the Retekess TD157 wireless calling system?

Retekess TD157 wireless calling system, support unlimited transmitter charger base, one pager can pair as many as you want. This article is about how to setting the ID of the charging base.  ...

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How to Change the Prompt Mode of Retekess TD157 Wireless Guest Paging System 

Retekess TD 157 guest paging system has two prompt modes, can meet the needs of different scenarios. The simple operation makes the calling system more popular and convenient.  ...

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