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Why should you choose a T116A wireless restaurant calling system?

Retekess T116A restaurant calling system is a new product which contains 10 pagers. If you need 10 pagers for your small business. This is a wonderful choice. And if you have a T116 calling system but need less than 16 pagers, you can choose this one. They share the accessories. If any questions, feel free to email us support@retekess.com Visit here: www.retekess.com  ...

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Why do you need the Retekess Paging System for the restaurant?

The reason why do you need the Retekess Paging System for the restaurant. Retekess guest paging system requests no extra fees, no extra network, very easy to set and operate. The paging system could solve a lot of trouble caused by queuing.  ...

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Speed ​​up Service with a Waiter Calling System

A wireless calling system is the best solution to keep a safe distance at this time. It can be used in restaurants, pizzerias, and other eateries, many guests are bothered when they have to wait too long for waiters, whether it’s to order food or pay for consumption.  ...

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How to change pager ID and Notice mode of TD157 queue calling system?

Retekess TD157 queue calling system is easy to operate. It has two notice mode. This video shows how to change ID of pager and notice modes. Any questions, feel free to email us support@retekess.com. Or visit our website: www.retekess.com  ...

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Solution for Pubs, Restaurants and Hairdressers Reopen in Pandemic

This article is for food businesses looking to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic. As we all know, many governments supply the guidelines for the restaurant, bars, hairdressers to ensure people's safety.  ...

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How to use the Key Function of the T128 watch receiver

Retekess T128 smartwatch receiver key function is a very useful function to set the Area and define the service types. It makes possible to use in a variety of industries like restaurants, hospital, bank, factories and many companies.  ...

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