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When and Where are the Retekess Tour Guide Systems used

Wireless Tour guide systems are used when a normal conversation between a presenter and their audience is difficult. Whether speaking to a large guiding group outdoors in a noisy tourist attraction or not wanting to disturb other people in the same environment as museums and places of religious worship.  ...

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What is the Difference Between TT105 And TT109

Retekess TT109 is our new arrival tour guide system, it looks similar with the TT105. In this article, i will list the different between the 2 types tour guide equipment. You can make your choice which type to buy.  ...

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AUX Function of Whisper Listening Device

With the AUX input of the whisper system transmitter, the presenter can easily switch between playing audio from their microphone and external devices, providing a more dynamic and engaging experience for visitors.  ...

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Can you hear me when traveling?

Tourist hear from the tour guide is very important, with good communication, they will have the very good experience about traveling. Specially at this moment, it can keep distance and safe, feel free to email us at support@retekess.com  ...

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Why Hajj and Umrah Need a Whisper Listening Device

The whisper listening device can clearly transmit the voice of the pilgrimage team leader to the team members.  ...

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