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Why Interpreters need Retekess Simultaneous Translation System?

Having a set of Retekess portable interpretation system gives a lot of convenience to interpreters. You could choose the favorite simultaneous translation system in Retekess  ...

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Do you need an IR simultaneous translation system for your interpreting program?

Retekess IR simultaneous translation system, which is perfect for your important and security meeting. Please check this blog if you are interested. Any questions, feel free to email us to support@retekess.com. www.retekess.com  ...

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How to use Retekess FM transmitter and receiver as simultaneous translation system?

Retekess FM transmitter and receiver, you can use these system as simultaneous interpreting system. If you want to know more information, you can check this blog, if you need a solution, contact us at support@retekess.com. Thank you.  ...

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Can I Use the Tour Guide System T130 for Simultaneous Translation?

Retekess T130 tour guide system consisits of transmitter and receiver. The tour guide system has the frequency of 195MHZ-230MHZ and it has the 99 channels. Each channel can work with hundreds of receivers. The translator wears the transmitter with the microphone and the listeners wear the receivers with the headphones. The receivers will hear the sound clearly in the working range.  ...

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Why Choose T130 T131 as Church Translation System

Which model is best for the church translation system? Retekess T130 and T131 system is the choice due to their good features of it. Such as high quality of sound, many channels, lightweight, and small size. Email us to get more details about the Retekess T130 and T131 system.  ...

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How to Use the Interpreter System?

A good interpreter system and interpreter working together will allow smooth communication between participants from different countries.  ...

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What Kinds Of Businesses Need Tour Guide Systems

In recent years, with the impact of the epidemic, many companies are facing severe challenges, and it is difficult to ensure the safety of people’s communication. The application of the tour guide system has solved this problem. If you want to know more information,contact us at support@retekess.com  ...

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