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All about Silent Conference System

Retekess silent conference system allows attendees to listen to audio content through wireless headphones, ensuring that attendees are not distracted by loud noises and crowded environments and are fully immersed in the audio content.  ...

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What is a good wireless microphone system?

Looking for a wireless microphone system for your church or conference? Discover the key features that make a wireless microphone system stand out and find the best one for your needs at Retekess.  ...

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Retekess TT122 Tour Guide System Bring the Wonderful Experience for You

Retekess TT122 tour guide system is widely used in various scenes such as museum visits, conference translation, factory visits, and indoor and outdoor tourism. Its appearance is exquisite and compact, with rich functions, simple operation, and stable signal. You can customize any combination of transmitters and receivers according to your needs. Come and buy a tour guide system that is beneficial to your team!  ...

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Why choose TT117 interpretation headsets?

Interpretation headsets, also known as interpreting systems, facilitate multilingual communication by providing simultaneous interpretation. Interpretation headphones are typically used in conferences, meetings, and events where real-time interpretation is required.  ...

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How to Use the Interpreter System?

A good interpreter system and interpreter working together will allow smooth communication between participants from different countries.  ...

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Portable Interpretation Equipment Solution

Interpretation equipment solution makes courts, churches, and international conferences maintain a safe distance and communication is smoother.  ...

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How To Choose The Right Tour Guide System

The wireless tour guide system plays an important role in communicating with people in tourism, conferences translation and church services, and so on. It is convenient to operate and carry, improving communication efficiency. this article will tell you how to choose the right tour guide system.  ...

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Do you need an IR simultaneous translation system for your interpreting program?

Retekess IR simultaneous translation system, which is perfect for your important and security meeting. Please check this blog if you are interested. Any questions, feel free to email us to support@retekess.com. www.retekess.com  ...

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