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Retekess’ First WiFi Smart Emergency Call Button TH013 for the Elderly or Patients

TH013 wireless caregiver call button provides immediate assistance with a touch, alerting caregivers through TH011 Alert Transmitter system for peace of mind.  ...

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Can I Call the Guest Pagers Via the Phone

Retekess guest paging system is widely at the recent time. Many customers asked can I call the pagers via my phone? So that I will not need the keypad. Pls, check the article to find the answer.  ...

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How to Call the Guest Pagers from PC

Which Retekess guest paging system supports calls from PC? So that it will more convenient to call the pagers without the keypad. Retekess TD159 guest paging system is the best choice now. if you want to know, pls feel free to email us support@retekess.com  ...

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How to change the number of Retekess TD159

Retekess TD159 wireless paging system is the smart paging system, you can send a message on the keypad transmitter or from your computer. But let's check more details about it. First, I write the details about how to change the number of the pager.  ...

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