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Retekess’ First WiFi Smart Emergency Call Button TH013 for the Elderly or Patients

TH013 wireless caregiver call button provides immediate assistance with a touch, alerting caregivers through TH011 Alert Transmitter system for peace of mind.  ...

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How Retekess TH108/TH107 Nurse Call Light Systems Works?

The hospital call light is a vital device for patients to request assistance from staff. It allows patients to conveniently signal their needs, ensuring prompt attention and care. Call lights serve as an essential tool in hospitals, aiding patients with various requirements for optimal comfort and support.  ...

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The Weather is Getting Warmer and Everyone Wants to Hang Out! Equipped with Retekess Service Call Buttos to Expand Your Business!

As the weather warms up, take advantage of increased foot traffic by implementing this wireless calling system. Improve customer service and efficiency while expanding your business. Don't wait—equip your business with Retekess service call buttons today and watch it thrive!  ...

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Retekess Pager System FAQ

The Retekess pager system operates seamlessly by utilizing a transmitter, pagers, and a charging base. The transmitter sends signals to the pagers, alerting customers when their table is ready or their order is complete. The pagers vibrate or light up to notify customers, allowing them to move freely while they wait. Once customers are ready, they return the pagers to the charging base, which resets them for the next customer.  ...

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Retekess Hospital Paging System Newly Upgraded TH108&TH107

The newly upgraded Retekess hospital pager revolutionizes communication in medical facilities. With Long Range 2000m Nurse Call System, efficiently manage patient calls with TH108 Host Receiver and TH010 Call Button. The IP67 Waterproof Two-Button TH008, paired with TH107 Host Receiver, is ideal for hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes.  ...

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Retekess 2000m Working Distance Nurse Paging System TH108

The TH108 offers a long-range up to 2000m, And the call button can be easily mounted on the wall or worn around the neck. This system also features power-off memory function, multiple power supply methods, and supports pairing with up to 256 call buttons. With its advanced features, this wireless nurse calling system provides convenience and flexibility for effective caregiving in medical settings.  ...

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How Does the Retekess Service Call System Work?

The Retekess Service Call System consists of two main components: the signal transmitter and the signal receiver. The signal transmitter includes keypads and buttons that are used to transmit call signals. Customers can simply press a button to call for assistance, making it easy for businesses to respond promptly to their needs.  ...

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Things We Need to Know Before Choosing a Restaurant Paging System

Implementing restaurant pager systems is a popular solution for enhancing efficiency and improving customer service. Define your objectives, analyze the floor plan, and choose the right system based on range, battery life, and features. Train staff effectively and maintain pagers regularly for optimal performance. Respect customer privacy by handling data securely. Monitor and adapt the system based on feedback to continuously improve operations.  ...

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Horizontal and Fully Functional Coaster Pager Retekess TD167 Series Restaurant Pager Queuing System

Retekess introduces the TD167 series, a horizontal and fully functional circular pager system designed for restaurants. With advantages over traditional pagers, this system offers stability, ease of use, and advanced features like over-range alarm and vibration alerts. The TD167A and TD167F models provide cost-effective solutions with slight variations in working distance. Both models enhance communication, reduce wait times, and improve the overall dining experience.  ...

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