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TD157 Wireless Restaurant Rager System FAQ

TD157 Wireless Restaurant Paging System FAQ includes:How to set the number of the pager, change the reminder mode, how to call all the pagers at the same time, whether two sets of pagers can be used at the same time, etc.  ...

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Why Choose Retekess TD162 Guest Paging System for Your Business?

Retekess guest paging system is widely used in the restaurant, cafe, food truck and so on. It is important to keep a safe distance. So Retekess made a new arrival to meets more customers needs.  ...

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Amid Rising Inflation, Wendy’s CEO Says Restaurant is Seeing Labor Costs Pressure

As the latest inflation data showed consumer prices rose last month at the fastest rate in more than a decade. How to reduce the labor cost to improve restaurant benefit?  ...

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