AUX Function of Whisper Listening Device

AUX Function of Whisper Listening Device

AUX Function of Whisper Listening Device

The AUX interface function of the whisper listening device transmitter is used in scenarios where audio files or music needs to be played through the system.

The AUX interface of the whisper system transmitter is a very useful feature that allows users to connect audio devices like mobile phones, tablets, and computers to the transmitter to play audio files or music. This feature can be used in various scenarios, such as:

1. Guided tours: This function is particularly useful in situations where additional audio content needs to be played alongside the tour guide's voice or when the tour guide wishes to incorporate music or audio clips into their tour. In guided tours, the tour guide can use the AUX interface to play pre-recorded audio files about the places and objects of interest. This helps in saving time and ensures that the information provided is accurate and consistent.

For example, a museum guide might use this function to play recordings of experts discussing certain exhibits or to play music from the relevant era. Similarly, a tour guide taking guests around a historic site might use the AUX interface to play relevant audio clips or music to add to the experience. Essentially, the AUX interface function enables tour guides to create a more immersive and engaging experience for their guests by incorporating additional audio content.

2. Event management: In events like trade shows, conferences, and exhibitions, the organizer can use the AUX interface of the whisper system to play music or pre-recorded announcements to engage the audience and keep them informed.

3. Education: In educational institutions, the AUX interface of the whisper system can be used by teachers to play audio files related to lectures or as a teaching aid to help students better understand the subject matter.

It is worth mentioning that all Retekess whisper systems support AUX input. Among them, TT106 whisper system and the T130S whisper system support the microphone and AUX input at the same time, that is to say, your visitors can hear the sound from the microphone and the audio device at the same time, without distortion or delay.

t130s whisper sytem

The benefits of the AUX feature of the whisper system are:

1. Versatility: The AUX feature allows users to connect any audio device with a 3.5 mm audio jack to the transmitter. This provides users with a wide range of devices to connect and play through the whisper wireless tour guide system.

2. Convenience: With the AUX feature, users can avoid the hassle of carrying additional equipment such as a separate music player, as their audio device can be connected and played through the tour guide system.

3. Improved Audio Quality: As the audio files are played through the whisper audio guide system, users can hear the audio with better clarity and volume, even in large groups or noisy surroundings.

Usage of the AUX interface

The AUX function of the Retekess whisper listening device is easy to operate. Turn on and pair the transmitter and receiver, and use a 3.5mm AUX cable to connect the transmitter's AUX jack to your computer, cell phone, MP3, car radio, and other audio source devices. Then the receiver will be able to hear the sound from these external audio devices. If you think the sound is too low, besides adjusting the volume of the receiver, please remember to raise the volume of the connected audio devices.

In summary, the AUX interface of the whisper system provides users with the convenience and flexibility to connect audio devices and play audio files through the system, making it a valuable addition in a wide range of scenarios.

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