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Category Archives :FM Transmitter and Radio Receiver

How to set power of TR508 FM transmitter for Drive-in Service?

For the TR508 FM transmitter for drive-in service, many people bought it for church, but you may confused about how to set power. This article will tell you how to do it by details with picture. In addition, except the drive-in church, it works for drive-in movie as well. If you like it, feel free to buy it.  ...

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How Fast Can I Get the FM Transmitter if I Order Today?

How can we do the worship in the COVID-19 time? The drive-in church may supply the best solution for us, but as we all know, the FM transmitters are so popular in the world, it is out of stock in many companies.So the delivery time is very important for many users. In this article, you will find the answer.  ...

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What is the Difference Between TR502 and TR507?

Retekess FM transmitter is very popular at this time special in the COVID-19 period. People use it to broadcast to the car radio for drive-in movie, drive-in movie even in the drive-in funeral. It can protect people well.  ...

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Digital Transmitter 5.8G Wireless Guitar System for Outdoor Concert

In the COVID-19 period, may events are canceled, but people need entertainment to relax. The small concert will help you a lot, so the wireless guitar will be the best solution. You need to plug the transmitter in the guitar and the receiver in the speaker.  ...

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Best FM transmitter For Drive-in Service

Retekess FM transmitter TR508 is new model, this one is very good for drive in services. It has FCC and IC, free use in US. The range is 400-500 meters which can fit most use. If any other questions, feel free to email us at Thank you.  ...

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Top 3 Reasons to Choose TR508 FM Transmitter for Drive-in Service

FM transmitter for drive in services is a huge demand during the COVID-19 outbreak, especially for drive-in church, drive-in movie and drive-in events and school drive-in graduation. FCC part 15 compliant FM transmitter will be the great choice for these usages.  ...

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Which Retekess FM Transmitter is Good for Drive-In Movies?

Selling FM transmitters for drive-in movies or church movie nights. Drive-in movie speakers are mono/stereo adjustable, support multiple audio inputs, and are easy to use.  ...

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How to have a fantastic audio experience at drive in movie theater?

Due to the COVID-19, people have to go to drive-in movie theater to watch movie. How can you have a good experience audio sound outside. You can use the FM headset receiver to receive the sound. It will make the movie more fantastic. So you can feel free to order one. Any questions, contact us at  ...

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Why the FM transmitter induces a hum noise and how to reduce it?

Retekess FM transmitter are widely used in drive-in church service, outdoor movie theater, and funeral services due to the Corona. There are a few factors may cause the FM transmitter induces hum noise. We could solve the issue according to the solutions mentioned in the article.  ...

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Why Choose TR507 for Drive-in Church Services?

We listed the new type FM transmitter TR507 to meet the increased demand. If you need the long range transmitter, you can check it. We have the item in stock, after you pay it, we will send the parcel using DHL.  ...

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