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FM Transmitter TR509 How To Provide Drive-In Service

FM Transmitter TR509 How To Provide Drive-In Service

FM Transmitter TR509 How To Provide Drive-In Service

Due to the impact of the COVID-19, the governments of various countries restrict participation in gatherings, church activities, or other crowded places. This policy has led to an increase in the application frequency of FM transmitters. It is widely used in churches, movie theaters, concerts, campuses, some large shopping malls, creating a safe communication environment. so, how does The FM transmitter play a role in these scenarios?

Drive-in church service

Now, many churches in various countries are broadcasting their services through car radios and portable FM receivers. it has a long transmission distance, up to 1000 meters in open areas. the operation is simple. You only need to adjust the car radio or FM receiver. To the same station as the FM transmitter, the drive-in church service helps to maintain a safe social distance; to meet people’s spiritual needs.

Drive-in theaters

In recent years, watching movies has become the best activity for people to relax daily. and drive-in theaters are becoming more and more popular. You only need to operate the radio or FM receiver in the car. TR509 FM broadcast transmitter supports stereo audio mode, The sound is clear, and the sense of entertainment is upgraded, bringing a brand-new viewing experience to the audience.

The TR509 FM radio transmitter supports microphone, audio input, stable stereo sound, long transmission distance, can be used in churches, campuses, conferences, shopping malls. Concerts, weddings, etc. chosen and liked by more and more industries

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