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Good Features of Retekess TD183 Long Range Pging System

Good Features of Retekess TD183 Long Range Pging System

Good Features of Retekess TD183 Long Range Pging System

Retekess TD183 system is a very popular long-range pagings system. It is widely used in restaurants, coffee shops, bars, bowling alleys, and hospitals where long-distance paging is required. Help users improve efficiency and save labor costs.

Long transmission distance, strong and stable signal
Using FSK frequency modulation technology, it has a stronger and more stable signal. The working distance can reach more than 2,624 feet; it is convenient for customers to wait in an open place or wait in their own car. Bring customers a better experience.

A variety of prompt modes to meet your different needs
The keypad transmitter can be set to sound reminder or silent mode. If you need a quieter business environment, you can set the keyboard to silent mode; the pager will flash+vibrate to remind customers. It is more suitable for places requiring quietnesses such as cafes, offices, and hospitals.

The keypad transmitter and the charging base are integrated to save space and make charging more convenient
The buzzer is large in size and feels better; it uses a dual-charge charging base; it can support up to 20 buzzers to charge at the same time. Charging is more convenient, stable, and not easy to fall off.

The operation is simple, and the work efficiency is improved
Pager has a cancel button, which allows customers to turn it off immediately after receiving the reminder, so as to avoid disturbing others and bring a better experience to customers. Support using“999 + CALL” to shut down all pagers with one key, which is more urgent and efficient. It supports setting multiple pagers to the same ID, which can achieve the purpose of paging multiple guests at the same time.

Easy to clean and more durable
Made of ABS material, dust-proof, and drop-proof. The pager supports ordinary life waterproof (water splash). You can use an alcohol cotton cloth to wipe and disinfect regularly.

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